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                                           Information for Clinicians and Researchers

To refer a patient to a depression research study in the MDRP:

  • Clinicians can contact us by phone: 646-774-8000
  • or by email ( )
  • patients can also contact us directly regarding eligibility for our current studies

Current studies include:

Desvenlafaxine vs. Placebo for Chronic Depression

We are studying a new antidepressant medicine, desvenlafaxine, for the treatment of people with chronic depression

Desvenlafaxine (trade name Pristiq) was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of major depression. We are testing whether this medeicine is also effective for adults with a form of chronic depression  called dysthymic disorder (or dysthymia). Dysthymic disorder is one of the types of what the DSM-5 calls Persistent Depressive Disorder, or PDD. PDD includes several forms of chronic depression, including chronic major depression and dysthymia.

Regardless of sub-type, chronic depression, lasting two or more years, often causes significant suffering and impairment. Our study involves a 6 to 12 week double-blind initial phase during which half of the participants will take the new medication and half will take a placebo (an inactive look-alike pill).  After the initial phase, a 12-week continuation phase will begin, during which all subjects can be treated with an FDA-approved antidepressant medication. Following this, all subjects are eligible to receive an additional 3 months of open treatment

Eligible subjects may also receive MRI scans, to help us understand how antidepressants work in treating depression.


Study entry criteria:

Inclusion criteria:

   --age 20 to 60 years

   --diagnosis of dysthymic disorder (chronic depression) or depression NOS

  --minimum of 2 years duration of current episode of depression


Exclusion criteria:

  --current major depression

  --diagnoses including bipolar, schizophrenia, dementia

 --substance abuse or dependence in past 6 months

  --pregnant or nursing women

  --serious risk of suicide



Recent publications on depression from the MDRP and the Depression Evaluation Service:  

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